For our Russian MRKH Sisters

From one of the site’s organizers:

This site has been made to encourage all of you and, especially girls with MRKH from Russia, to give you confidence and to provide you with the necessary information about the syndrome and the ways how to deal with it.

Дорогие девушки, этот сайт создан для всех вас, прекрасных и сильных женщин с синдромом СМРК. Здесь вы найдете поддержку, а также всю необходимую информацию о нашем диагнозе”


The address will be added to our Links page as well.

June 7th Conference

We are glad to announce that our first conference was a huge success!

Many MRKH women and their families were in attendance. We learned a lot from the doctor and social workers that were there. There was also time for the MRKH women to separate in order to share stories and start building bonds with each other! Mid-Atlantic MRKH is very pleased with the success of our first conference, and we are looking forward to future events!

June Conference Update

Exciting News!!! Recently 3 Social Workers have volunteered their time to help with us with the Conference. Two of them will be giving presentations; on the benefits of therapy and patient advocacy, respectively; while the third will be present solely to offer emotional support to everyone in attendance.

Speaking of attendance the cut off date for getting in you $5 attendance fee is May 30, so please sign up NOW! 

Mid-Atlantic MRKH: Strength & Unity June 7th, 2014 Regional Conference

We are excited to announce the first conference for MRKH women in the Mid-Atlantic region!  This conference is open to MRKH women, their families, significant others, best friends, and/or other people that are supporting the MRKHer on her journey. This will be the first MRKH conference ever held in the United States that will include the significant others of MRKHers.

Registration open now through May 25th

Fee: $5, Paypal to

(This cost will go to paying for the conference room)

Location: Friend’s Center 1501 Cherry St. Philadelphia, PA 19102

Date and Time: June 7th, 2014 from 11:00am-4pm

Conference Schedule:

11am-11:15am: Arrivals and registration

11:15-11:30am:  Introduction to Mid-Atlantic MRKH by Regional Directors, Meredith B. and Laura M.

11:30-11:45am Introduction to Beautiful You Foundation by President Dr. Amy Lossie and Vice President Christina Ruth.

11:45am-1pm: Medical Talks about MRKH to MRKH women and their guests. Q&A to follow.

Speakers include: Dr. Lisa Kolp, MD and Assistant Professor of OBGYN at John’s Hopkins Hospital, and Dr. Amy Lossie, PhD, geneticist, and President of Beautiful You MRKH

1pm-2pm: Lunch Break

2pm-4pm: Women and families break into small groups to meet and talk (Young MRKH patients, Older MRKH patients, Moms and dads, Significant others)

We hope you can make it!


June 7th Conference

You can now pay the $5 attendance fee for the June 7th conference, we holding in concert with the Beautiful You MRKH Foundation, directly from the site. The ‘Pay’ button is for the $5 conference attendance fee. The ‘Donate’ button is for anyone who is able to help us to put on future events. More details on the conference will be forthcoming…

April 12 – Philadelphia/New Jersey Meeting

Yesterday Mid-Atlantic MRKH held our second local meeting. The first meeting was held on March 22 in D.C. with eight attendees; taking part in yesterday’s meeting were 9 MRKH women and mothers. After the meeting yesterday, Mid-Atlantic MRKH: Strength & Unity can officially say it is the first continuous peer-led MRKH all ages support group!

On a personal note, as yesterday’s host it was my honor to have as guests such an amazing group of strong, intelligent, and beautiful women.

Mission Statement

At the Mid-Atlantic MRKH Group, our goal is to promote the emotional and physical well-being of women with MRKH in the Mid-Atlantic region by strengthening ties between affected women and their families, and helping women learn to embrace the identity of being an MRKH woman.